Is an eye primer really a must-have for your makeup bag? 

Some makeup wearers just use their foundation or concealer as an eye shadow primer. And while this does help you even out the skin tone and provide a smooth canvas, it does not work to prevent creasing and the breakdown of your makeup like an eye primer will. 

Keep reading to find out why we’re crazy about eye primers and how to apply them.

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5 Reasons You Should Wear An Eyeshadow Primer

  • Preps The Skin Of The Eyelid:Just like your face primer, an eye primer preps the skin of the eyelid. It gives you a smoother canvas so you can apply and blend your eyeshadow more easily. 
  • Helps Prevent Creasing: If you battle oily eyelids, you know this struggle all too well. A good eye primer will contain oil-absorbing ingredients to combat the dreaded creased eyeshadow look. 
  • Eye Shadow Lasts Longer: The oil your eyelids produce and the movement of the eyelid can cause your eye makeup to break down at a faster rate. An eyeshadow primer creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup and helps to lock down your eyeshadow so it wears longer.
  • Better Color Payoff: An eyeshadow primer can also help the pigments in your eyeshadow to appear more vibrant. This means you can use less product to get the result you are looking for and that eyeshadow palette is going to last you a lot longer.
  • It’s Versatile: You can use it on more than just your eyelids! Want to make sure your brows don’t smudge? Use your eyelid primer to help lock them in place. Have a pimple that needs to be covered but the makeup won’t stay? Apply a tiny bit of eyeshadow primer on the pimple first, so it gives the makeup something to grip onto.

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How To Apply An Eye Primer

  1. Apply a small, even amount of eye primer to a clean eyelid.
  2. Blend with your finger or applicator of choice and allow the primer to dry down.
  3. Apply your eye shadow and/or eyeliner as usual.
  4. Enjoy your long-lasting, crease-free eye look.

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